Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leaving, then coming back

Welcome back.

I thought of abandoning this blog for my other blogs (including this one, for my recently-reactivated WordPress site), since I have a slow ass computer, which doesn't allow me to maximize my time on the internet. I also deleted my Netlog account, and I am very close to deleting my MySpace account. Multiply and Friendster are soon to be ghosts of my internet past, since I don't update my accounts there. Flickr is one thing that I "revive" on a monthly basis. For Blogger/blogspot, I will try to crosspost (with my WordPress Blog) on a semi-weekly basis. For the week of October 18 to 23, posts originate from Blooger. For the 25th to the 31st, back to WordPress.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


In 3 days, Americ gets a new leader. Today, I found out that the UPCAT results are out already (courtesy of Angelo, my sister's friend). And when I saw it (after 105 minutes of almost-persistent connection timeouts), I expected my name to be somewhere in that list. I knew that I was waitlisted or something, but here's the screenshot showing my results (highlighted in gray, click on the pic for a clear view)

If you have difficulty in accessing today (Saturday, January 17,2009), go to that site tommorow (January 18, 2009) and in the subsequent (coming) days.